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Loose fill insulation designed to be blown into walls, ceilings, attics, and basement applications. 

1 Bag  •  R4.3 per Inch  •  2x4 = R15, 2x6 = R24, Attics up to R60+  •  30 lbs per Bag  •  26.45 cubic ft per bag  • 21 bags per Pallet  Small orders ship via Fedex In stock, ready to ship • Link to Coverage Chart


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"Walls protected by Havelock Wool" Insulation netting for blown-in insulation • Simply staple up, poke holes and start blowing! • 100% polypropylene non-woven fabric • 8' x150' in 1200 sq ft rolls • Ships Immediately 
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 5 reviews
Current Lead Time is Three Weeks. This integrated unit is designed specifically for the installation of our blown-in insulation, our highest-performing insulation. No professional experience is required. All you need is a standard 110V outlet, our insulation netting, a few basic tools, a staging table, and the willingness to have some fun! This simple video shows you exactly how to do it.


21 bag minimum required. Inquire within to see options for lesser amounts.

Havelock Wool will ship the blower with your wool purchase and include your cost of return freight (about $70.00). The blower ships in a 75lb box and contains one blower, one 20 ft section of 3" blower hose, 2' of hopper hose and coupling units. 

With the purchase of 21 bags or more, your deposit will be fully refunded within 5-10 days of when the blower is returned. We will send you a liability waiver to sign electronically before we ship the blower. Please be aware this blower is only rated for Havelock Wool Blow-in Insulation. Passing any other materials through the hoses and blower unit will void your deposit for refund. Blower rental duration is set at 10 days after receipt of your order. Please have your mesh stapled up and be prepared to start your project before ordering.